All About Valuation | Part 3: How much will my valuation cost?

That is one tough (and fair) question. But like many things in this world, it depends. Pricing out a valuation is like buying a car. Do you need the Cadillac, the heavy-duty pick-up truck, the economical hatchback, or would a bicycle do?  It is impossible to know what the car will cost until you know what is needed and why you need it. 


All About Valuation | Part 1: What you should ask a valuator before engaging them

You’re a business owner or operator and, for one of many potential reasons (tax, litigation, a potential sale, etc.) you’ve decided you need a business valuation). Identifying the need is one thing, but identifying the right fit is another. Before you engage a valuator, there are a few key questions that you should ask to make sure they are the right person for the job.


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