Lori Ketchuk

CPA, CGA | Principal


T 403.701.3157
E lori@welshvaluation.com

About Lori.

With over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting in various roles and industries, Lori discovered her niche in the areas of financial analysis and businesses processes. Her fascination with how information flows through an organization (she also has a Business Process Management (BPM) certificate) means she is committed to improving systems and making them infinitely more efficient to maximize value for clients prior to valuation. She also has in-depth experience compiling and quantifying insurance and litigation claims.

Behind Lori’s approachable nature is a self-proclaimed “numbers geek” (the more numbers, the better). She has the unique ability to pour over detailed spreadsheets for days to uncover patterns and nuances, but also see the big picture – a unique combination that allows her to turn complex data into useful information that helps clients make the right decisions. Thanks to her boundless drive, she continues to grow her list of accomplishments by working toward a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation while serving her clients, and fulfilling various family and community commitments.