Let us help you help your client.

When it comes to litigation, establishing trust in your experts is key.

We work with lawyers and businesses/individuals on a variety of litigation matters, and understand the importance of a highly-detailed analysis prepared under strict time deadlines. Every file is welcomed with a commitment to efficiency and honesty – and most importantly – ensuring fair value and common sense conclusions.

With Welsh Valuation, you’ll be dealing with skilled individuals who provide rational, thorough analysis focused on the key issues that will lead to a resolution or settlement. If a trial is unavoidable, we have courtroom testimonial experience that will confidently back our conclusions. As a valuation boutique, we also have the infrastructure in place to allow for favourable overhead rates, so you can be cost-effective.

  • Shareholder disputes

    Shareholder disputes can be disruptive for a business and emotionally draining for the shareholders and even employees. We understand you need an experienced valuator with the right personality and skills – a detail-oriented, clear communicator – with the confidence to provide and explain a comprehensive, rational, and objective valuation that will stand up in court. Our ability to remain calm under pressure has proved effective in shareholder disputes, divorce, and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Loss of income, business interruption, and damage claims

    When an unforeseen situation arises, a detailed analysis will help recoup your loss. We prepare reports that quantify damages, including loss of income from business operations as a result of catastrophic incidents, fraud, or deceit. Our experience includes working with manufacturing facilities, refineries, and service businesses, and we also have access to experts in insurance matters and investigative accounting.

  • Divorce

    Divorce is never easy, but the results of your separation should be reasonable and fair. We work in a cooperative manner to quickly and efficiently arrive at a settlement. Our experience includes providing valuation expertise involving disputes over the value of matrimonial assets and the division of business interests, and preparing income determination reports for spousal and child support. We back our conclusions in trial and in alternative dispute resolution.