Seeking value – Observations from 30 years of business valuation and financial litigation experience

Thirty years of business valuation and financial litigation expertise, with likely over one thousand assignments, translates to gray hair and some fuzzy eyesight. However, it also allows you to develop a nose for what smells right and what doesn’t. You ask questions because you want to know more. You remain passionate about your business and the business of others. You value relationships and being connected, and you know that you are valued for what you know and how you educate and inform others. You know things are rarely black and white, and instead, you have to be comfortable working in the gray. You love the challenge of applying a vast array of experience and knowledge to new and unique circumstances.

I’m writing blogs because I feel I have so many things to contribute to our profession. I see a real need for business valuation expertise amongst small and mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs. Besides all of that, I surround myself with smart people, with skills that are unique and slightly different than mine. As such, our entire team will also be making contributions to this knowledge portal in their areas of expertise.

In the end, we don’t admit to having the answers to everything, but we have seen too many situations to know that cookie-cutter approaches to valuations and sell-side advisory services lead to misinformation and poor business decisions. We hope that our candid and frank discussions will be informative and that the articles you see published in this knowledge portal will help you build a better business and set you up for success.

Come join us for the journey.

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Notice to reader: The comments contained in our blog posts are general thoughts gained over years of experience in valuating and consulting with private companies. In reality, there is a wide spectrum of situations and circumstances, as broad as the number of business, industries, and individual circumstances that one may encounter in business valuations and sell-side advisory services. There are no rules or common professional judgment that is applied equally to every situation. We caution any reader of our blog that no valuation conclusions are being provided, and no reliance should be placed upon the comments contained in our blogs for any business decision.