Knowledge you can trust.

Welsh Valuation executes with knowledge and experience. Our big picture approach means it’s not just about the valuation – it’s about how the valuation impacts your future. We spend time with each business owner or client to build a relationship, while ensuring clear communication through face-to-face discussions and showing value in the research and analysis stage of the valuation process. The end result? A robust and defensible valuation that addresses the key issues.

Our work is backed by:


Our foundation is built on education and professional designations. We’ve seen and prepared countless valuations throughout almost every industry, and can explain your valuation in a language you’ll understand.


Our senior team members have 30+ and 20+ years of financial advisory expertise. We also have personal experience as entrepreneurs, which allows us to understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities of running (or selling) a business.


We take pride in our commitment to professional development, which includes ongoing training, attending conferences and presentations, educating others, and access to resources such as our in-house research library and select third-party transactional databases.


Our established connections with niche experts, such as real estate appraisers, equipment appraisers, tax specialists, debt and equity providers, and cost of capital specialists, allow us to leave no stone unturned when measuring value.


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